Act like a kid again! Take advantage of the snow to make a snow angel or build a snowman.

Snow fell on Vinton County yesterday. Several inches of powdery white goodness now blanket our landscape creating a pristine backdrop for brightly colored Christmas lights.

The world seemed so quiet and so clean last night. Smoke curled from my neighbor’s chimney, mingling in the air with the aroma of warm soup. It all reminded me of a Norman Rockwell painting. It also reminded me of childhood snow days.

What better joy is there for a youngster than awaking to learn school is canceled? I remember bundling up to play in the snow only to later rush back inside searching for dry clothes and a cup of hot chocolate. It also reminded me of a Christmas morning spent trying out my shiny new sled on my grandparents’ hill.

And for the first time since I was young, I badly wanted to make a snow angel.

As the holidays approach, we all are so busy and so stressed in our attempts to buy the right gifts and to prepare for the impending celebrations. In all the confusion, why not stop what you’re doing to do something silly?

Why not make a snow angel, build a snowman or dust off that old sled? You know you want to! They say that Christmas is for kids. I say that it’s for the kid at heart. So take a little time for yourself and get in touch with that inner child. Your work will wait but the snow won’t last forever.

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