There is no better way to explore the Vinton County countryside than by traveling the county’s Quilt Barn Trail. This trail, known as “A Stitch in Time: The Quilt Barns of Vinton County,” features 27 throughout Vinton County. Imagine driving through the peaceful countryside to find the images of quilts hanging on barns. You won’t believe your eyes the first time you spot one of these beautiful works of art. Quilters and barn enthusiasts alike will fall in love with the Quilt Barns of Vinton County.

What is a Quilt Barn? A Quilt Barn is simply a barn that is decorated with a large, painted quilt block. The tradition began in Adams County, Ohio when Donna Sue Groves honored her quilter mother by painting a quilt on the side of her barn. The concept caught on locally and a legacy was born. Now there are more than 1,000 Quilt Barns in Ohio and 21 other states.

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