Vinton County is home to a diverse population of birds. Any of our state parks and forests are great places to observe the many different species. Lake Rupert has many areas to pull off along both State Route 683 and State Route 93. The area around Zaleski State forest has several swamps and marshes. Infirmary Road has a number of fields where visitors can pull off the road and look for birds.

Birders flock to Vinton County for intimate birding experiences. With its abundant forests, Vinton County is a haven for more than 50 documented species, and the community is filled with birding opportunities. Throughout the warm weather months, events are planned around this very popular hobby at our state parks.

One activity that brings visitors back each year is the hummingbird feeding program at Lake Hope State Park. At the Nature Center, visitors are invited to make their own hand-held feeder and learn the best techniques for luring ruby-throated hummingbirds to their feeder. Then they simply relax and enjoy this unusual encounter with nature. This program is free. See the Events Calendar for current dates and times.

Be sure to check out other birding opportunities in the area. It is a well-known fact that the entire Hocking Hills region is a hot spot for birding areas. Many of our lodging facilities cater to the needs of birders and even have private acreage with abundant birding opportunities. Some host private tours by appointment.

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