The large white trillium was adopted as the official wildflower of Ohio in 1987. It is found in each of Ohio's 88 counties and can usually be spotted during Lake Hope's Wildflower Hike.



Do you have plans for next weekend? Why not book a cabin in the woods and spend a little time in our state parks and forests watching nature come to life?  Lake Hope State Park will host their Annual Wildflower Walk on April 21. This happens to be one of my favorite Lake Hope events because they take you off the beaten path to a peaceful area abundant with wildflowers. I’m guessing that most people have never been on this road and it’s a real treat to see this beautiful area of forest.

This 1.5 mile walk along Raccoon Creek allows visitors to get up close with a variety of wildflowers including Ohio’s official wildflower, the Large White Trillium. A Lake Hope State Park Naturalist will teach participants to identify the wildflowers and discusses folklore.

Want to participate? It’s completely free and you don’t need reservations! Just meet at the Hope Furnace with your vehicle at 1 p.m. You will caravan to another site for your hike. The hike lasts for approximately two hours. Want more information? Call the Nature Center at 740-596-3030.

Want to spend the weekend? Rent a cabin or a room with us! Just Click Here to make reservations.

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