Richland Furnace State Forest encompasses 2,524 acres and eight miles of All-Purpose Vehicle areas. The remains of the 19th century town of Richland can be found in the forest. The area is open to public hunting.


Richland Furnace State Forest lies within Jackson and Vinton Counties. Flint outcrops that were used by Native Americans can be found here, as well as the remnants of the town of Richland and the iron furnace that kept it going. The ore pits where iron was dug are still visible in some areas. During the Industrial Revolution, Ohio was one of the leading producers of iron for the industries of the time. Once greater stores of iron were found elsewhere, the industry dried up along with the towns that relied on the work.


Richland Furnace State Forest is part of a wildlife management program and as such has a great deal to offer those interested in the flora and fauna of the area. The forest has flint outcroppings that Native Americans used before Europeans came to Ohio. The ghost town of Richland provides a look into life during the Industrial Revolution. Hunting is allowed in season, and there are eight miles of All-Purpose Vehicle areas available for use.

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