Would you like to start your Christmas shopping early this year? You will have a chance this weekend when the shops of northern Vinton County host their quarterly shop hop. During this event, all of the participating shops offer discounts, raffles, free refreshments or special merchandise. It will be held all day Saturday.

This is a great way to jump start your Christmas shopping and support the local economy. All of the shops are locally owned and spending your money with them will mean a boost to Vinton County’s economy and to these small businesses that will truly appreciate your support.

So what can you buy during our Shop Hop? What can’t you buy is a better question!

I can’t tell you about every shop but will mention a couple of my own favorites. One is Zaleski Candle Works, a small shop in the village of Zaleski that specializes in some of the best handmade candles you’ll ever smell.  The candles come in a variety of scrumptious scents including Apple Pie, Moonville Tunnel and Blueberry. They literally have a scent for everyone. They also sell other gift items and will make specialty candles and gift baskets to order. Oh, and best of all, the shop is located inside one of our Quilt Barns!

Another of my favorite shops is Scenic Way Gifts. This shop, located along St. Rt. 56 near the Hocking County line specializes in locally made items. Here you will find corn husk dolls, walking sticks, wind chimes, jewlery, quilts, paintings and all sorts of other things made by area residents. They also have a selection of books by local authors and checker boards made from art glass. This shop appears to be rather small but is packed full of unique items that will make great gifts for loved ones — or for yourself!

The Pine Tree Quilt Barn located at Lois' Antiques on Creola-Hue Rd. Photo by Brandi Betts

Somewhere else I really like to go is the antique stores. Remember When Antiques in McArthur and Lois’ Antiques in northern Vinton County each have a variety of wonderful items that you won’t find in a mall. If you need a fun gift for a collector or for an antiques buff, these are great places to check out.

And of course, you will see all sorts of fun things along the way including some covered bridges and quilt barns. While you’re out and about, don’t forget to stop and refuel your body. Have lunch at one of our locally owned restaurants and diners throughout the community.

For more information on the Shop Hop, including a driving tour, visit us on the web at https://visitvintoncounty.org/shop_hop.htm. Want more info on restaurants and other things to see and do? Check out Vinton County at www.visitvintoncounty.org. We would love to have you visit us!

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