The Vinton County Chamber of Commerce held a reception Tuesday night to recognize the Chambers' 2011-12 Students of the Month. In front, from left are Michae Snavely, Myrriah Mace, Jenny Brooks and Briana Thompson. In back are Teresa Remy-Detty, Joey Batey, Sam Clemons, Cody Saylor, Jim Salyer and School Superintendent John Simmons.

The Vinton County Chamber of Commerce held a reception Tuesday night to recognize all 16 of the Chamber’s Students of the Month from the 2011-12 school year.  The Chamber honors two high school seniors every month during the school year.

This year’s honorees are:

September – Mace and Alex Eberts

October – Marcie Reedy and Brian Hivick

 November – Joey Batey and Gabby Thurston

December –  Curtis Lindner and Cody Saylor

January –  Cheyanna Johnson and Michea Snavely

February –  Joshua Travers and Lindsey Hashman

 March – Jenny Brooks and Sam Clemons

 April –  Kimberly Kazee and Briana Thompson

Each student receives a plaque, a $50 savings bond and the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.

The Chamber wanted to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of these young people who all balance their studies with extracurricular school activities, volunteer work and, in some cases, part time jobs.

Joining us that evening was Superintendent of Vinton County Schools John Simmons who spoke briefly on the qualities needed to be successful in life. He advised the students to find a special dream to strive toward and to remember that there is no shortcut to success – hard work, respect, leadership and simply outworking everyone else will take them far. He also reminded them that Vinton County graduates are first class leaders all over the world and that they can go anywhere and be anything they want to be.

We also had Teresa Remy-Detty speak on behalf of the entire Remy family.  The Student of the Month program and the accompanying Student of the Year program were renamed for our late board member and friend Linda L. Remy. Teresa spoke about some life lessons she believed her mother would want the students to learn.  Her advice was to always maintain balance in life – to find time for family, work, volunteerism and all the things they find important. She also said that some of the greatest advice that her mother gave was to always stop and ask whether you are doing the right thing.

The Chamber of Commerce benefited for several years from Linda’s kindness, generosity and unfailing drive to always do the right thing. Her unexpected death last year left a terrible void in the Chamber and she is still missed.

The Chamber thanks Teresa, Mr. Simmons, the students and their parents for spending the evening with the Chamber. Thanks also to Chef Mary Reynolds of Flutes and Peppercorns for going above and beyond the call of duty to provide delicious food to our guests.

The Chamber hopes that no matter where our students go in life they understand they can always come home again. Congratulations to our Students of the Month and to all 2012 graduates.

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