Looking for a new and unique way to explore Vinton County? Why not try geocaching? All you need is a GPS enabled device and a free registration with www.geoching.com.

What is geocaching? Well, it’s an outdoor treasure hunting game that uses GPS-enabled devices to navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates where you can attempt to find the cache or container hidden at that location.

There are geocaches hidden all over Vinton County including at covered bridges, at the Moonville Tunnel, in parks and cemeteries and other public landmarks.  Once you find the cache, you can record your name and something about the experience in the log book inside the cache. Sometimes people leave things behind for you to take but remember, if you take something from a cache, you should leave something behind.

So how do you get started with geocaching?  How do you find out where to go? Just hop over to www.geocaching.com and register for a free account. You can search by zip code by find caches near you. When I searched for 45651, I turned up several pages of potential caches to be searched out.

In your travels, you might also stop by some of the shops, parks and restaurants along the way to support the local economy. If you’re short on cash, just pack a picnic lunch and look for a scenic spot to pull over and enjoy the day.

This is a fun way to see the county and to get outside! Why not start today?

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