Did you know that one of the rarest covered bridges in the world is right here in Vinton County?

It is known by many names – Ponn Bridge, Gheers Mill and Barnes Mill are three of it’s lesser known names. Most people though just call it the Humpback Bridge. Built in 1874, by Martin McGrath and Lyman Wells, it was rehabilitated in 1932 and again around the turn of this century.  It is the longest covered bridge in this county but that is not what makes the bridge unique.

What makes the Humpback Bridge so special is the unusual shape – the arch or the hump in the center.  There are just a handful of these humpback bridges remaining in the world today and it was added to the National Register of Historic Places on April 11, 1973. While it is closed to motor vehicles, it remains open to pedestrians.

Want to visit? Why not pack a picnic and hit the road today? Take St. Rt. 160 south into Wilkesville. In the village, turn Right on County Road 8 and go about 2.5 miles to Township Road 7. Travel about 3/4 mile and Turn left on Township Road 4. Go about 1.25 miles to see the bridge. Please note that some stop signs and road signs may be missing or stolen. It is best to watch your mileage rather than depend on signs in this area.